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NuWro Workshop 2017
(2017-12-03 - 2017-12-05)

The goal of the workshop is to present a current status and discuss future development of NuWro.

We expect experimentalists involved in neutrino oscillation experiments to identify most critical ingredients of MC event generators to be improved for a substantial reduction of the systematic errors.

We expect theorists working on neutrino interactions to suggest, which new models should be implemented in NuWro in the first place, and how to take care of theoretical consistency of a suite of models which are already there.

We will be happy to host NuWro users, most importantly young researchers ready to spend some time to work on NuWro developments.

52nd Winter Schoool of Theoretical Physics
(2016-02-14 - 2016-02-21)

Theoretical Aspects of Neutrino Physics

Karpacz Winter Schools of Theoretical Physics have been organized by the Institute of Theoretical Physics of the University of Wroclaw for over 50 years. They started in 1964 and with time they evolved in a well-known international event. The idea of the school is to invite leading physicists from all over the world and give a series of lectures concentrated on a selected topic. This years school „Theoretical Aspects of Neutrino Physics" is to be held at Lądek Zdrój, Poland on February 14-21, 2016. It will cover a broad range of theoretical aspects connected to neutrinos.


  • E. Akhmedov (MPIK Heidelberg)
    "Neutrino Oscillations in Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Field Theory"
  • L. Alvarez-Ruso (Valencia)
    "Neutrinos and their Interactions in the Standard Model"
  • S. Bilenky (Dubna)
    "Introduction to Neutrino Physics"
  • C. Giunti (Turin)
    "Sterile Neutrinos"
  • S. Hannestad (Aarhus)
    "Neutrinos and Cosmology"
  • A. Ibarra (Munich)
    "Neutrino Mass Model Building"
  • J. Nieves (Valencia)
    "Neutrino-Nucleus Interactions"
  • T. Schwetz (Karlsruhe)
    "Statistical Methods in Neutrino Oscillation Studies"
  • C. Volpe (Paris)
    "Neutrino Astrophysics"

Poster session

We encourage all participants of the school to register posters about their current research.
The poster session will be held in conjuncture with conference dinner.

Excursion to Kletno

During the School we will organize an excursion to Kletno. More information about the location can be found here

Organizing committee

The school is organized by the mebers of Neutrino Physics Division:

Jan Sobczyk – director of the school (jan.sobczyk#at#ift.uni.wroc.pl)
Krzysztof Graczyk – scientific secretary (krzysztof.graczyk#at#ift.uni.wroc.pl)
Cezary Juszczak
Jakub Żmuda

Previous programs

Previous Winter School focused on neutrino physics has been held by our group in 2009.
Complete list of the past schools and topics can be found here.

45th Karpacz Winter School in Theoretical Physics
(2009-02-02 - 2009-02-11)

Neutrino interactions: from theory to Monte Carlo simulations

School: February 2-7, 2009
Workshop: February 9-11, 2009

The lectures will cover:
  • basic information about the theoretical models and approximations adopted in MC generators and about the construction of the generators as well
  • current experimental activity in neutrino physics
  • theoretical models and developments which could improve the performance of the existing codes
The practical exercises will allow the participants to learn basic functionalities of the generators. We consider organizing practical exercises on two levels: for beginners and for students who already have some experience in the field.

20th Max Born Symposium
(2005-12-07 - 2005-12-10)

Nuclear effects in neutrino interactions

The 20th Max Born Symposium scheduled for December 7-10, 2005 will be devoted to neutrino physics with the focus on the description of nuclear effects in neutrino interactions. The symposium should be interesting to both theoreticians and experimentalists working in the domain of neutrino physics.